The Kameraden –

Ken Boggio

Ken Boggio (trumpet/co-director; brother of Kerry Boggio): Ken is a retired music educator of thirty-six years and is an active instrumental music adjudicator and guest clinician throughout the northwest United States. His trumpet experience includes the Billings Symphony Orchestra, the Red Lodge Music Festival (as its long term director), the Billings Community band and the Alte Kameraden brass band. Ken was a trumpet section player with the Sonny and Cher orchestra, the Bobby Vinton orchestra, and the Mannheim Steamroller orchestra. He first played with the Kansala family band (pre-Kameraden band) in Red Lodge in 1956 and has been a member of the current Alte Kameraden band since its inception.

Kerry Boggio

Kerry Boggio (trumpet/co-director; brother of Ken Boggio): Kerry earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music performance from University of Eastern Washington. For the past thirty-three years, he has been a sound mixing engineer in Los Angeles, specializing in television productions. Kerry’s musical interests are far reaching. He has been playing ethnic music since age twelve and his permanent residence is Red Lodge.

Don Hardy

Don Hardy (trumpet): After playing in the Cody, Wyoming high school band and later with a United States Navy shipboard band in the Mideast and eastern Africa, and then on a music scholarship at Casper College, Don stowed his trumpet for several decades. Upon moving to Red Lodge in 2006, he was encouraged by old Cody friends Ken and Kerry Boggio and Terry Bartlett to dust off his horn and join Alte Kameraden. Somewhat surprisingly, he says, to some degree both he and his horn still worked. Don and his wife, who met during their many years in Washington, DC., travel extensively, but always find time to play with the Kameraden band.

Terry Bartlett

Terry Bartlett (tuba): One of the band’s self-described “old duffers,” [although younger than several members] Terry drives thousands of miles per year from his home in Cody, Wyoming to Red Lodge, for the enjoyment of playing his tuba. After high school, he attended Eastern Montana College on a music scholarship. In addition to college bands, he was a member of both the Billings Symphony and the Midland Empire Chamber Orchestra. During the Vietnam era, he was a member of the 3rd Armored Division Band based in Frankfurt, Germany. A retired physical education teacher and coach, Terry is pleased to once again be playing on a regular basis.

Joe Acciani

Joe Acciani (clarinet, most reed instruments): Joe started playing in the sixth grade and continued until his children needed good instruments and confiscated his. “I have been playing clarinet since 1956, with a 30-year hiatus from 1975 to 2005 when the horn went to our son and he wouldn’t give it back.” After teaching instrumental music in schools from elementary to university levels for thirty-five years, he and his wife Sandy retired to Montana where Joe started playing again. The former conductor of the Billings (MT) Community Band, Joe, ever humble, says he is “honored to be included in Alte Kameraden and to play alongside such fine musicians.” Joe has been playing with Kameraden more than ten years.

Betty Anderson (soprano saxophone): Betty’s instrumental career began in public school music in fifth grade in Ada, MN on the metal clarinet and piano. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, she and her husband played in the Newcastle “cowboy marching band.” Later, in Klamath Falls, Oregon they were in the community band and formed the Dixieland Haute Schatz “good friends” band. They played the Medford Jazz Festival until moving to Montana four years ago. In Tucson, over the past twenty winters, Betty has played with the Tucson, Green Valley, and Rhythm Gang bands, and in a lady’s saxophone quartet. In addition to the Alte Kameraden, she plays in the Shrine Dixieland group.

Jim Blakley

Jim Blakley (clarinet): Jim points out that he was born before “Ike” was president, and has been playing a clarinet most of that time. He began in the third grade, in Lodge Grass, Montana and played through high school. In 1965 he began playing with the Red Lodge “Finn Band” and continued “off and on” through the 1970s. In 1985, Jim rejoined the band and has played continuously to the present day. He first played during the “Festival of Nations” in 1966, and between 2002 and 2006 he was a key member of the Roberts community pep band.

Art Daniel

Art Daniel (trumpet): Few trumpeters love  playing as much as Art. Having retired from a career as a long-term and highly respected Boeing 747 pilot to become a full-time cattle rancher, he quickly became one of the most popular members of Alte Kameraden. He knows the lyrics to a thousand songs written before 1960. Literally. Always quick with a joke, Art plays trumpet with Alte Kameraden, and Billings City Band, and a Dixieland group he formed.

Warren Frank
Warren Frank

Warren Frank (Eb alto horn): Warren started on trumpet in grade school. After graduating from Laurel High School, he majored in music education at Eastern Montana College (now MSU-Billings). He played trumpet in the Billings Symphony, then switched to French Horn. After graduation from Eastern, he joined the Army and became choir director at Ft. Ord. Afterward he earned a Masters in Music Education at the University of Illinois in Champaign and played in several university bands and orchestras. Warren taught music for two years in Villa Grove, Illinois and two in Hardin, Montana. In 1966, he was hired by Billings West High School, where he directed that band. Overall, he taught there and in other Billings schools for twenty-eight years. In 1983 he was instrumental in forming the Billings Community Band. He played French horn there and in the Shrine band. Warren retired from teaching in 1994 and continues to play in the Billings Community and Kameraden bands.

Robert Leaverton

Robert Leaverton (tuba) moved to Absarokee, Montana from Arbutus, Maryland, to accept a call as pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Absarokee in 2006. In 2010 he decided to take up the tuba again. It has been 40 years since he last played one at Plainview High School in Plainview, Minnesota. In May or 2010 he received the King tuba he ordered. Art Daniel encouraged him to join Alte Kamaraden and he has been practicing and playing during the 2010 season. It has been quite the musical education, but it is a lot of fun to be playing music again.

Sabrina Mann (flute): bio coming.

Loren Marsteller
Loren Marsteller

Loren Marsteller (euphonium, seasonal): Loren graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in trombone performance. He joined “The President’s Own” United States Marine Corps Band in Washington, DC. where he was a frequent soloist on euphonium.  He received his Master’s of Music degree from Catholic University of America and then was hired by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra as principal trombone. Since returning to Los Angeles in 1976, he has been a busy freelance performer in both live and recorded music arenas and garnered a coveted nomination by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammys) for the “Most Valuable Player Award” in 1987.  Loren specializes in unusual brass-wind instruments, such as the Alpenhorn heard in Haunted Summer and Mystery Alaska and the Tibetan Temple Horn, heard in Star Trek III and Seven Years in Tibet.  He currently plays Baritone in the Americus Brass Band and the Buffalo Bill Band of Sheridan, Wyoming and is an adjunct professor of trombone and euphonium at California State University, Long Beach.

Ed Martin

Ed Martin (percussion): bio coming.

Steve Noneman

Steven Noneman (trombone): Steve grew up in Findlay, Ohio and chose the trombone in the fifth grade. After playing with every group in high school he continued at the University of Cincinnati, where he earned his aerospace engineering degree. Steve loves all music, from classical to jazz, Broadway, pop, big band, everything in between. He set his horn aside during his career at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama, but resumed playing in 2000 and hasn’t stopped since! After performing in a wide array of musical groups back east – ranging from the Baltimore Symphony to the Washington Redskins band and the National Concert Band of America, Steve came west. Today, in addition to Kameraden, he plays with the Billings Community Band, and the Shrine band, Joliet Brass Quintet, Buffalo Bill Band and Art Daniel Big Band.

Dennis Oltrogge

Dennis Oltrogge (trombone): Dennis’ first musical experience was on the tonette (a small, plastic, end-blown flute), in the 4th grade in Absarokee, Montana. That led him to the family trombone, which he played until the middle of high school, when he set his horn aside to become a ‘jock.” His impressive musical talents lay dormant until 2003, when he found a $50 trombone in a pawn shop and bought it. That led him to dig out the old higher-quality family horn (long-played professionally by his brother). Good trombone players are always in demand, so Dennis was recruited to play in the Billings Community Band and the Shrine band, and its separate brass group, the “circus band.” In 2004, he was welcomed into Alte Kameraden.

Rick Parmer

Rick Parmer (trombone, tuba): Rick was a public school educator in Wyoming for thirty-three years and a low brass instructor at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming for nine. He started the college annual Trombone Day and Trombone Festival and is a certified band adjudicator in Wyoming. Rick has performed with the University of Wyoming Orchestra, Laramie Civic Concert band, Northwest Civic orchestra, Powder River Symphony, Yellowstone Jazz Band, Northwest College faculty brass ensemble, Buffalo Bill Band, Alte Kameraden, Sheridan city band, and the Big Horns Trombone Ensemble and Quartet.

Patricia Parmer (Eb alto horn and French horn): Pat earned her BS in music degree at the University of Wyoming in 1991. She began playing horn at Arlington (SD) schools in 6th grade. While spending over 30 years in newspaper production, Pat taught horn privately and at Northwest College in Powell, WY. She continues to teach and has performed with the Billings Symphony, Casper Symphony,  the Powder River Symphony and currently with the Northwest Orchestra (Powell), the Buffalo Bill Band, The Usual Suspects brass quartet, Northwest Brass Quartet and Alte Kameraden.

Dave Rahn (trumpet): An accomplished player, Dave began playing the cornet in 1955, but says he is “still learning to play the trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn.” A lifelong resident of Billings, Montana, he has performed with the Al Bedoo Shrine Brass Band since 1973, the Shrine Dance Band since 1979, and has been in the American Legion Honor Guard since 1991. Dave is a graduate of Billings Senior High School and earned his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Montana. He served as an air operations dispatcher with the Montana Air National Guard from 1969 to 1975.

Steve Reitz

Steve Reitz (trombone): Steve (aka: “wooly”) started on trumpet in the 4th grade at Broadwater grade school in Billings, MT. He moved to the trombone in the 7th grade at Lincoln Jr. High School. He played in the Billings Senior High band and orchestra, and a a senior played in a rock and roll band, focusing on the music of Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago. For three years in the early 70s, Wooly played with the Billings symphony. He joined Alte Kameraden in the early 90s.

Perry Scheidecker

Perry Scheidecker (all brass instruments, keyboard): Perry earned his college degree in music education in Billings and his masters in Bozeman. He he taught fourteen years in Red Lodge and Columbus, Montana. He played first chair french horn with the Billings Symphony for twenty-six years and has played with symphonies in Bozeman, Helena, Great Falls, Kalispell, Powell, Casper and several others towns. Today he gives private lessons on brass instruments and plays with the Billings Community Band as well as Alte Kameraden — which he first joined in 1968, before it took its present name. Perry still plays some of the instruments he first acquired decades ago.

Jessica Schreiner

Jessica Schreiner (clarinet): is a New York state native with a master’s degree from University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She taught music in Ekalaka, Montana and now teaches band (grades 6-12) in Lovell, Wyoming.

Bob Seltzer

Bob Seltzer (clarinet): bio coming.